360 Degree Customer View Powers Retailer's Omni-channel Engagement

As is the case with many companies today, this retail client’s previous customer data collection and management solution was based on supporting direct mail and email efforts. Little effort was made to connect internal data silos and create a more unified view of the customer. This model of data management lead to an inefficient use of customer actions and insights beyond the channels managed, and provided a limited digital view of the customer’s preferences, actions and motivations online.

Our IMPACT CEP (Customer Engagement Platform) , enhanced with AmeriLINK and iBehavior data, provided a full view of their customers. IMPACT extended their knowledge and insights beyond just direct mail and email responses, and moved their capabilities for omni-channel communications into social media and mobile channels, extending their current audiences.

The enhanced, centralized data warehouse provided the ability for the client to provide customer data in real-time to customer-facing applications and in-store sales associates, providing a more personalized, digital experience as part of their e-commerce re-platforming effort.

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