Our dedicated team of digital experts optimizes lead generation and data-driven campaign execution and helps you monetize your digital investment to drive revenue and growth.

As a key element of Wunderman Data Products’ data-driven engagement approach, we manage and optimize digital marketing campaigns across all channels.  We offer a unified framework for evaluating and integrating a digital strategy encompassing all channels and disciplines:  paid search and SEO, display, microsites, landing pages, registrations and emails, as well as mobile and social.  By adapting the traditional sales funnel to the complex but highly trackable environment of digital marketing, we can help you optimize each individual element within your entire cross-channel strategy against your KPIs and measurement goals.

Our data-driven approach incorporates tagging strategies, which are critical to gathering and understanding the consumer journey and how that affects your ultimate success and yields insights that will allow you to build more effective models.

Wunderman Data Products brings a combination of singular capabilities to digital optimization, including:

  • real-time data assets
  • real-time end-to-end campaign adjustments for adaptive marketing
  • real-time ROI impact
  • a proprietary search potential model
  • a process for content monetization

In addition, our significant resources in digital marketing tools and techniques are augmented by our Zipline Data Management Platform.  A data management platform centralizes audience data for digital marketing, allowing for expanded audiences and insights.  It also enables  optimization via data in addition to our other digital optimization tools and processes.

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