Because our relationships with our clients and their end-customers are in the realm of marketing, their primary characteristic must be “mutual benefit.” A respectful and relevant value exchange is at the heart of all our dealings.

All marketers must be good stewards of consumer data. As consumers ourselves, we expect those who handle information to follow industry and government guidelines, anonymize data while as the same time striving for relevant marketing communications, protect our information, and use it intelligently and civilly.

As a company whose legacy and roots are in data, Wunderman Data Products is highly knowledgeable in the areas of governmental and country regulations and laws, as well as industry guidelines. Because we do business in the healthcare and insurance sectors, we have a highly developed body of knowledge and approach to using data in regulated industries.  We understand the need for rigorous security, and undertake numerous certifications and other steps to ensure secure handling of data.

In the area of data governance, we can help marketers take a proactive look beyond regulatory, privacy and security to evaluate their organization’s collection, security and deployment of data.  Assessing data governance is key to achieving business goals across all of an enterprise’s stakeholders. Because we view data as a strategic organizational asset, we consult with clients to ensure that data and the insights it offers are used for increased competitive advantage and forging stronger ties with consumers and customers.

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