Value-laden consumer experience is dependent on insightful and respectful leveraging of data, which in turn depends on your brand’s data strategy.

Data and the insights extracted from it power not only knowledgeable and discreet personalization, but also deep relevancy to the consumer … relevancy that goes beyond demographics or buying patterns to in-the-moment, next step choices that the consumer is making about a purchase or willingness to enter into a dialog with the brand.

Journey Mapping

Mapping a consumer’s journey through all stages of the marketing lifecycle from discovery to engagement and re-engagement visually portrays the consumer experience from his or her point of view rather than the marketer’s perspective.  A consumer journey map captures the consumer’s needs, pathways, and perceptions throughout their relationship with a brand.  It allows you to visualize their experience of your entire brand – not the channels you use or an experience with an isolated department, but how they are realizing your company through their brand experience.  If you’re a retailer, mapping an experience can start from the moment a consumer enters your store.  If you’re online, the point of entry and evaluation is your website.  Depending on your industry, reservation systems; product packaging, performance and installation; number and cadence of communications; customer service and more add up to the consumer’s total perception of your company.

Our ability to help you map your customer’s journey will not only help you improve customer experience, but will also help you work better across departmental silos and with partners to ensure your brand performance – and reputation – are perceived positively.

Touchpoint Mapping

Delivering the kind of holistic brand experience that today’s consumers expect relies on marketers’ ability to orchestrate touch points across all channels – seamlessly and updated with moment-to-moment relevancy … but also with the right cadence and synchronization … and also matched to the customer lifecycle.

Identifying touch points is critical to creating a customer journey map and understanding the customer experience in order to optimize all the interactions that add up to it.

We can help you understand the hundreds of not only marketing communications, but also their cadence with other brand communications to determine which are the most pertinent to your – and your company’s – success.

Map and optimize your customer’s journey

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