Many organizations overlook the importance of assessing data against intended uses but effective data-driven marketing really needs to be strategic. Unfit or poor quality data can be very costly to data-driven marketing efforts, not only in direct costs but in hidden consequences to your brand because of customers’ diminished experiences.

Wunderman Data Products has over two decades of experience performing Data Assessments, with data sources ranging from transactional systems to websites.  We’ve used that experience to develop proven data assessment methodologies and tools to uncover opportunities for improving data practices and adding to the value of data assets, including:

  • Interviews with internal stakeholders and marketing partners to gain insights
  • Review of data sources
  • Review of data architecture and storage, including file structure, what data is collected and how it is kept
  • Evaluation of data hygiene, including current condition and maintenance procedures
  • Review of current and intended data applications against the data set.

In addition, Wunderman Data Products’ Infrastructure Roadmap is an invaluable methodology that helps you create a powerful marketing infrastructure – from the ground up – to transform marketing activities and measurably improve ROI.

Using it, we guide our clients on a collaborative journey from planning through execution. Along the way, we provide the knowledge your organization needs to master industry best practices in traditional and digital marketing and become an effective data-driven, knowledge-based marketer.

  • Consulting: Our full range of strategic and technical advisory services is the starting point for many companies. We address business needs ranging from investment rationales to campaign management, from advanced analytics to custom solutions.
  • Strategy: We help you articulate a thoughtful, comprehensive strategy, creating the foundation for using data successfully to identify and capture new customer relationships – and enhance and enrich existing ones.
  • Architecture: The right database system is vital to support your strategic planning, analysis and campaign activities. Wunderman Data Products’ architecture work includes a complete analysis of the relationships between your functions, available technologies, data types, record growth, field population, transaction feeds and file deliverability.
  • Development: Our database development teams use best-in-class practices to develop your database application by starting with our award-winning database platform customized for you or by creating a new solution specifically to meet your data needs.
  • Deployment: When we roll out your database platform, our teams are there to support your technical, marketing and operations teams in training and implementation. This support continues throughout your engagement with us.
  • Evaluation: Through ongoing evaluation and enhancement, we help your teams identify key learnings to continuously improve strategies, operating processes, campaign performances and marketing ROI.

Get More Value Out of Your Data

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