Our iBehavior Cooperative Database is the first co-op database designed around capturing SKU-level transaction data. For more than a decade, we’ve aggregated SKU-level purchase data for more than 190M consumers. Our data cooperative includes both B2B and B2C. Our Merchant Services team is organized to serve financial/insurance, solo/continuity, retail/catalog, B2B and non-profit with direct marketing services such as append and iBehavior Select.

The iBehavior B2B cooperative database includes:

  • 250 B2B data-contributing organizations
  • 72+ million business contacts
  • 20 Million Businesses
  • Over 1,600 Detailed Product Category Levels
  • Purchases tracked at the SKU(item) level by individual
  • Custom models built by our statisticians
  • Deep experience with online and offline business targeting

The iBehavior B2C cooperative database includes:

  • 2,800 data-contributing members
  • 190 million consumers
  • 12+ billion SKU-level transactions
  • $465+ billion online, offline purchases

We serve more than 2,800 members across a variety of industries including:

  • Retail/Catalog
  • Solo& Continuity/Club
  • Non-Profit
  • Publishing
  • Financial/Insurance
  • B2B

iBehavior Select

An online list rental engine that draws on the robust data available from Wunderman Data Products’ iBehavior cooperative database to generate lists for direct mail, digital and email campaigns, iBehavior Select allows you to target individuals based on their past buying behavior − a powerful predictor of future purchases – in addition to lifestyle, geographic and demographic information.  Contact us to find out how to sign up as a Select user.

Join Our Cooperative

The iBehavior Data Cooperative helps member merchants exponentially increase the reach and effectiveness of their customer data.  Cooperative members contribute transactional data to the iBehavior cooperative database in exchange for highly qualified, modeled prospects.

  • Join our 3,000+ members, to share data that encompasses:
  • 190 million individuals
  • Over 15 billion SKU transactions
  • 72 million business contacts
  • $625 billion offline and online transactions

Benefits of being a member:

  • Allows access to a more complete universe of names
  • Eliminates duplicates and “low potential” names
  • Provides visibility into recent purchases
  • Provides access to transactional data enabling targeting purchasers most likely to purchase again.
  • Results in better predictive modeling to expanded variables linked to each data record, providing more detail on the individual
  • Results in more efficient, effective marketing investment
  • Offers behavioral targeting across all channels, offline, online, and mobile

Use the iBehavior Co-op for your next marketing campaign

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