Our AmeriLINK consumer database is unsurpassed in its depth and breadth and superior compilation and accessibility. It provides hundreds of data options to precisely target your best prospects or to gain fresh insight into the characteristics and behaviors of your current customers.

Identify and reach consumers by such elements as purchase transactions, lifestyle interests, ailments, geographic level information, ethnicity, occupation, families with children, online and offline buyers and responders, homeowners, vehicle owners, donors and veterans.

The strategic use of data delivers benefits far beyond its utility as a mailing list. Our professionals offer expert guidance on using AmeriLINK data as part of a broader data strategy to add value to multiple programs including:

  • Campaign Management
  • Reporting
  • Modeling and Analytics
  • Contact Strategies
  • Marketing Operations
  • Advantages of Using AmeriLINK

A true national compilation of marketing information on U.S. consumers, AmeriLINK is updated monthly and unparalleled in its scope of coverage.

  • Exact age for more than 260 million individuals
  • 250 million consumers by ethnicity, language spoken and religion
  • 120 million mature consumers
  • 40 million families with children
  • 90 million charitable donors
  • Largest source of consumer interests and lifestyles
  • All records are DPV® verified

Wunderman Data Products is an original source compiler for over 30 years

  • Includes recent transactional data
  • Robust individual and household level data
  • Continuous infusion of new sources
  • Deep data knowledge

The extensive consumer knowledge and modeling of our AmeriLINK consumer data asset is complemented by the transactional and purchase knowledge delivered by our  iBehavior Cooperative Database.

Proprietary Segmentation Products


Transform your customer or prospect database into consumer segments based on attitude, and watch your response rates climb. Discover not just demographics and buying behavior, but personalities, values and motivations.

Digital Neighborhoods™ 2.0

This unique segmentation scheme segments consumers by e-involvement, which measures consumer presence online, relationships with sites and transaction activity.


Comprising 52 unique clusters, this segmentation tool helps marketers reach and communicate with consumers across five generations — from young to old, based on purchasing power and behavior, lifestyle choices, demographic attributes, socioeconomic status and attitudes.


Understand consumers’ perceived drivers of — and barriers to — better health. With LIVING Well, you can measurably influence how consumers manage their health and wellness by targeting services and tailoring messages more effectively.

Zip+4 Data

  • Primarily for analytics and geo-level targeting.
  • Two zip+4 credit options (Summarized credit and aggregated credit)
  • 130 variables

KOSMOS® List Delivery System

Our KOSMOS fast, flexible web-based list counts and ordering system makes it easy to explore all the different selectable attributes of AmeriLINK.  A robust search feature and clear, intuitive interface let you find and zero in on the attributes that are most important to your campaign.

  • Easy to set up, with KOSMOS you can
  • Initiate and manage list selections
  • Explore “what-if” targeting options with accurate, real-time list counts
  • Order lists in a range of formats via multiple delivery options
  • Gain front-end access to third-party and proprietary (e.g., your own) data resources
  • Summarize each prospective list by up to four different criteria
  • Update list counts in real time
  • Change and manage your personal KOSMOS home page
  • Set up folders to organize list orders by client, project or month
  • Receive reports directly in pdf form or as file exports
  • Customize every aspect of how you interact with KOSMOS

Drive your next marketing campaign with AmeriLINK

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