Data is at the heart of the marketing process. It powers customer acquisition, improves consumer experience, inspires creative and campaigns, and enables analytical breakthroughs. Connect our data with your data and marketing strategy to accelerate marketing success.

The data that Wunderman Data Products owns and manages can provide you with fresh perspectives, invigorate customer acquisition and help you build stronger relationships with your customers to improve sales, market share and profitability.

AmeriLINK Consumer Database

AmeriLINK’s depth and breadth, superior compilation and accessibility provide the quality data you need to target profitable prospects, develop insight into your customers or prospects, and drive effective marketing programs. Available for enhancement, list selection and licensed install, AmeriLINK data powers real-time insights, email programs, targeted display, predictive models, profiles or custom analytical reports. Become a better insight-driven marketer by using quality data you can trust.

iBehavior Cooperative Database

Wunderman Data Products’ iBehavior multi-channel merchant data cooperative helps marketers improve the efficiency of their direct marketing programs in a variety of verticals, including catalog, retail, finance, consumer magazine, non-profit, solo/continuitys and B2B. We are experts at identifying the individuals most likely to buy your products and services.


Data Products

AmeriLINK® Consumer Database

Identify and reach consumers by such elements as purchase transactions, lifestyle interests, ailments, geographic level information, ethnicity, occupation, families with…

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Data Products

iBehavior Data Co-op: B2B and B2C

The iBehavior B2B cooperative database includes: 250 B2B data-contributing organizations 72+ million business contacts 20 Million Businesses Over 1,600 Detailed…

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