Data is at the heart of effective, relevant marketing. Our AmeriLINK® consumer database and iBehavior® cooperative database provide hundreds of data points and modeling options for accurate views of best prospects and current customers, as well as for fresh insights and customer intelligence.

Our U.S. and global data assets, both online and offline, can play a key role in enriching your own data, blended together to provide a complete, 360° accurate and up-to-date consumer view.  Our Zipline DMP® helps bring a wealth of digital intelligence to the picture.

For customer acquisition, customer retention and campaign optimization – with global reach and the richest sources of online and social data – explore our data offerings and capabilities below.


Data Assets

Data Products

The data that Wunderman Data Products owns and manages can provide you with fresh perspectives, invigorate customer acquisition and help…

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Data Assets


Zipline DMP Data Management Platform Data On-Boarding Create digital audiences from your offline data for online marketing campaigns. Audience Insights…

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Data Assets

Data Alliance

The WPP Data Alliance is powered by over three dozen of WPP’s digital technology companies in combination with founding members…

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Discover how our data can enrich your marketing

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