We enhance digital engagement through both website optimization for better acquisition and sales funnel management and our global data management platform. Our digital media and digital data teams offer these as standalone capabilities and as part of our IMPACT Consumer Engagement ecosystem. Gain a richer view of buyers while managing, collecting, integrating, analyzing and activating data across offline and online sources to reach consumers in digital channels.

Wunderman Data Products offers a suite of services for digital engagement that spans mobile, search and display. Our Digital Engagement services include expertise in SEO and content development; website design and customer experience interfaces; social media; and digital channel optimization, including program design and lead routing, plus reporting and analytics.

Digital Optimization

Our digital engagement team offers services across digital media to maximize customer acquisition and optimize marketing spend across channels:

  • Display and social
  • SEO and content optimization
  • Site design and UX
  • Mobile
  • Lead conversion
  • Lead management
  • Campaign measurement and enhancement

Data Management and Data Integration

Unlike other companies, we on-board and integrate digital data holistically in a self-contained ecosystem. This helps to enrich and extend audience development, distribute it globally across leading digital platforms, and create highly individualized and coordinated campaigns across all media (digital, postal, email, social, video, TV). Also, our measurement capabilities reach beyond “clicks” to measure lift in actual sales for a strategic view of return-on-spend analyses.

As part of our IMPACT® Consumer Engagement ecosystem, our data management platform, Zipline DMP®, helps you discover new audiences by connecting data including your brand data, 3rd party data, web and mobile clickstream panels, and social data from platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, to reach consumers across channels worldwide. Most important, it enables you to understand what consumers are saying on social media to gain insights in the moment. Zipline is highly scalable and allows you to expand into new markets quickly and efficiently.

As members of industry-standards groups such as the IAB, DMA and NAI, we are privacy compliant. As part of our digital data onboarding process, we automatically transform personally identifiable information (PII) to anonymous user profiles (non-PII data) in a one-way de-identification process.

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