Our comprehensive IMPACT® Consumer Engagement Platform brings order to today’s dynamic marketing landscape.

IMPACT delivers persistent views of individual consumers moment-to-moment, in real time, synchronized across offline and online channels. IMPACT integrates offline, digital and mobile data, create insights on the fly and implement various marketing engines – campaign, loyalty and others — to meet your objectives. The IMPACT ecosystem offers different capabilities, from data integration to building digital audiences, that allow you to adopt components in a phased-in approach depending on your company’s existing engagement strategy.

IMPACT CEP is an end-to-end, data-based marketing solution, designed to optimize real-time consumer engagement across multiple online and offline channels. IMPACT CEP allows you to engage consumers with personalized consistency as well as with measurement tools to help you conduct effective cross-channel engagement, while measuring and documenting results so you can be a more agile marketer.

Partnering with leading technology companies, we work with a broad range of platform and tool providers based on your specific needs. Wunderman Data Products’ IMPACT CEP integrates seamlessly with existing technology, and scales smoothly and quickly.  Open and flexible, it helps you keep pace with changing technology and infrastructure requirements without costly and time-consuming upgrades.

Contact us to find out how we can help you accelerate time-to-market and ROI and deliver effective one-to-one consumer interactions that turn into relationships.

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