Consistent tracking, analysis and reporting are critical to inform strategy in a dynamic marketing environment and are essential to continuous learning and improvement across the enterprise.

In addition, the vast amounts of data available from a variety of channels and media (B/O/E) demand a construct that makes them useful.  Our Key Performance Indicator framework and decision-oriented reports are essential to help move you from analysis to action.  Our KPI methodology takes you from establishing the indicators for achieving maximum success to a continuum that sustains engagement and addresses customer lifecycle stages, including turning customers into brand advocates.

We are expert across multiple visualization and reporting platforms, and can recommend the best one  for your specific situation and objectives.  Contact us to discuss how better reporting can boost marketing performance.

The Benefit of Proprietary Tools and Techniques

Our proven, proprietary analytics solutions and frameworks contribute the best combination of focused solutions within broader organizational and marketing systems.  Learn more about our suite of innovative analytics solutions here.

Real-time Digital Insights and Reporting

In an omnichannel world where consumers are free ranging, marketers need dynamic insights at every point of the customer journey.   From purchasing decision paths to actual purchase, from exploration across brands to posts on social media and mobile geo-location, marketers need in-the-moment actionable data-collection and real-time or near real-time analysis to engage consumers directly and to enlist them as brand advocates and influencers.

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