We develop, validate and deploy a variety of descriptive and predictive models for acquisition, retention, attrition, incremental lift, churn, affinity, cross-selling, attribution, propensity, profitability, next-best action/next best channel, and more. The various models support each stage of the customer lifecycle, from exploration to relationship management.

Collecting and connecting data – and ensuring its quality – is key to the optimization power of models and necessary for relevant and nuanced personalization. The sweep of data must include text, voice and social, as well as digital and mobile. This enables marketers to understand customer sentiment during their marketing journeys and analyze their paths to purchase. This is important for everything from retention and churn modeling to critical relevant engagement and creating a resonant customer experience.


Segmentation gives you valuable insights into your current customers, including their changing preferences. Whether you segment based on demographics, behavior or attitudes, segmentation provides a foundation for identifying new customers.

Clustering and evaluating new customers against them helps you find not only the most appropriate but also the most profitable customers, and up-to-date and refined segments enable more relevant offers and more resonant creative delivery.

In addition to our own segmentation offerings, we build customized acquisition and strategic segmentation models, and detailed segmentation frameworks — for example, persona-based “cookbooks” for high degrees of personalization and targeted marketing messaging, which can be used by brand marketers as well as their loyalty and rewards partners.

Segmentation Products

Take a look at our existing segmentation products and talk to us about customized systems for your particular needs.

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