Our “test lab” framework extends beyond offline/online, A/B and multivariate test and site optimization by offering step-by-step guidelines for instituting a testing culture throughout your organization.

Because marketing today needs to follow consumers along their journey in the moment – and to reflect new tastes, interests, preferences and preferred channels as they unfold – a flexible, agile approach based on rapid testing and optimization is a must-have to stay competitive. A “laboratory” approach makes experimenting permissible and yields proven strategies and actionable insights.


Attribution Services

Increasingly today, marketers are pressured to measure and optimize the impact of marketing expenditures. Specifically, companies must determine which marketing initiatives successfully influence consumer behavior and how to adjust the mix of marketing investments for even better results.

Wunderman Data Products offers Attribution services designed to take you from your first attempt to measure results across channels to a breakthrough technology – if you’re ready – that delivers a higher level of accountability for your marketing spend.

We phase you into our staged approach based on your needs, your ability to act on results, and the time required to produce results (i.e., quick wins). Our attribution services include:

  • Direct Attribution analyzes direct, targeted communications where the recipient is named,
    such as direct mail and email.
  • Digital Attribution examines digital channel behaviors of anonymized individuals, including
    social, email, and search and display advertising.

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