These resources showcase the latest data, insights and analysis of digital marketing, media and consumer buying behavior.

Webinar: Reaching Home-Movers
With TwentyCI & Zipline


Home-movers are one the most powerful consumer groups in the UK Market today with a purchasing power of £12 billion annually. These individuals are making significant changes to their day to day activities and equally adapt their consumer spending habits to reflect these changes. TwentyCI are experts in home-mover data and this new webinar will help you to better understand how to leverage these audiences to grow your digital campaigns. Join us along with our special guest, Paul Hickey, Director of Digital Solutions for TwentyCI as he demonstrates a complete overview of the data and real-world use cases on how this data has been used throughout campaigns including how a leading furniture retailer successfully utilized this data in a recent campaign.


Webinar: Reach Unique Public
Affairs Audiences with
Deep Root Analytics & Zipline


Helping brands reach audiences based upon what they value most is core to the unique public affairs, issue advocacy and corporate reputation audiences being delivered by Deep Root Analytics.

These segments are now available exclusively in our Zipline platform for a wider digital ecosystem.  Join us along with our special guest, Alex Lundry, Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist for Deep Root who will demonstrate all things Deep Root Analytics including  a complete overview of the data and how to best leverage these audiences throughout your campaigns.

Webinar: Grow Your CPG & Retail
Campaigns with Zipline & Ibottalyticsibotta


Join us along with our special guest, Josh Demby, Account Management Lead for Ibottalytics where we will outline how to best leverage the new Ibottalytics data now available in Zipline. This session with provide a complete overview of Ibottalytics, how brands have successfully deployed Ibottalytics across their digital campaigns and how you can activate this data in Zipline today.


legendaryWebinar: Reaching Moviegoers With Legendary Entertainment Data & Zipline


Legendary Entertainment, the company behind epic movies such as the Dark Knight Trilogy, the Hangover series, Inception and more, is at the forefront of applying big data and analytics in the entertainment industry.

Recognized as the largest and most trusted database of moviegoers, these new audiences are now available for a wider digital ecosystem via our Zipline Platform. Target and segment audiences the way the entertainment industry’s experts do.

Join us along with our special guest, Rob Floyd, Senior Vice President of StatSocial and Legendary Entertainment data expert who will demonstrate how to start leveraging this data across your digital campaigns today!

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