Wunderman Data Products' Zipline® DMP is an enterprise-scaled data management platform that helps marketers manage their own data, as well as third-party data, and build customized target audiences.

A truly global DMP, Zipline collects, integrates, manages, analyzes and activates data offline and online and measures the impact to sales.

Zipline offers world-wide connectivity across all leading digital platforms (DSP, SSP, Ad-Networks, etc.) and on-boards data to create digital audiences. While others may claim they on-board customer data, they typically outsource this function. In addition, Zipline can create and distribute audiences across channels and media, including postal, email, television and social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Zipline also provides audience discovery, extension, activation and measurement with singular benefits such as centralized closed loop analysis (not outsourced) and the ability to measure lift in actual sales – not just clicks — providing a CMO-level view to return-on-ad-spend analyses. As part of our IMPACT customer engagement system, Zipline can contribute to ongoing customer relationships that are highly informed and relevant, yet anonymized.

Zipline centralizes data management and offers new ways to reach your target customers:

  • Data On-Boarding
    Create digital audiences from your offline data for online marketing campaigns.
  • Audience Insights
    Gain greater insight on the visitors to your website to better understand the people who are interested in your business.
  • Audience Extension
    Expand your audience by reaching individuals who fall outside of your data universe, but “look like” your target audience.
  • Audience Activation
    Build a custom audience of target customers based on purchase behavior, demographics and lifestyle information from Zipline’s data partners.
  • Audience Measurement
    Measure the performance of your campaigns and the impact your messages have on customer engagement with your brand.

Social Media

Facebook Audiences
Facebook represents 25% of online display inventory, reaching 900 million individuals worldwide. Wunderman Data Products now offers custom audiences for digital campaigns on Facebook. By leveraging the targeting power of our addressable audiences, brands can gain access to the rich, Facebook universe.

Twitter Audiences
Using the Twitter Ads Interface with direct integration into the Twitter Ads platform, brand marketers who use Zipline DMP can now include promoted tweets and accounts into their digital marketing mix, while using advanced analytics to optimize campaigns, so every campaign can perform like the best campaign.

Real-Time Social Campaign Activation
In partnership with DataSift, via Zipline we can aggregate social data from multiple social engagement platforms – such as WordPress, Tumblr, Instagram — for real-time, as well as historic, data. DataSift filters noise from the data, extracts meta-data and adds structure by categorizing it. This way brands and agencies get only the data they need. The data can then be deployed as business intelligence, or in enterprise and social apps.


Channels: Online Display, Video, Email, Social, Mobile

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