The KOSMOS® List Delivery System makes it simple to access the vast dimensions of the AmeriLINK® database, hone in on key attributes, and instantly see an accurate count of mailable addresses.

Featuring a robust search engine and clear, intuitive and customizable interface, KOSMOS lets you focus on the attributes important to your campaign and to summarize each prospective list by up to four different criteria. KOSMOS makes it easy to:

  • Initiate and manage list selections
  • Explore what-if targeting options with accurate, real-time list counts
  • Order lists in a range of formats, via multiple delivery options
  • Receive reports directly in PDF form, or as file exports
  • Customize how you interact with KOSMOS and how it presents data to you

The flexibility of KOSMOS extends beyond AmeriLINK by effectively managing your customer data or other data, including third-party databases.

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