Our AmeriLINK® Consumer Database is unsurpassed in its depth and breadth and superior compilation and accessibility. It provides hundreds of data options to precisely target your best prospects or to gain fresh insight into the characteristics and behaviors of your current customers.


We are an original source compiler and, for more than 30 years, have been collecting data from hundreds of primary sources to build the AmeriLINK Consumer Marketing Database. Whether you use our data as a list, data append or licensed data install, AmeriLINK data helps you find new customers and keep your current customers active and loyal. Our data professionals understand the many nuances of data use and make recommendations for testing to help you fine-tune your targeting criteria.

Demographic — Every campaign relies on solid demographics like geography, age, family makeup and homeownership. Our AmeriLINK database brings you the most current, accurate demographic data available.

Lifestyle — What consumers do in their spare time is a good indication of how they spend their money. Our lifestyle databases, created from self-reported sources such as product registrations and survey responses, offer true insight into interests and spending.

Attitudinal — Compiled and modeled through a myriad of carefully selected data sources, LIVING Well, MindBase® and Digital Neighborhoods 2.0SM allow you to target individuals based on their distinctive attitudes, values and motivations both offline and online.

Hotline — If you’re targeting new movers or new homeowners, our monthly 30-day Hotline files connect you with proven, actively spending prospects.


  • Exact age for more than 240 million individuals
  • More females by name than any other source
  • 250 million consumers by ethnicity, language spoken and religion
  • 120 million mature consumers
  • 40 million families with children
  • 90 million charitable donors
  • Largest source of consumer interests and lifestyles
  • All records are DPV® verified

Additional solutions to power AmeriLINK:

Our KOSMOS® List Delivery System makes it simple to access the vast dimensions of the AmeriLINK® database, hone in on key attributes, and instantly see an accurate count of mailable addresses.

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Our Intellisight Consumer Data Integration Solution enables you to make real-time, insight-driven decisions so that you can capitalize on every customer touch point.

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