Consumers expect brands to be relevant, timely and personal, beyond simple campaign rules and cross-sell offers. They want one-on-one interactions. We help you get there.

Because of today’s direct digital relationships and a new generation of consumers whose behavior is centered on personal technology and social media, consumer product brands need to find new ways of connecting with consumers — personalized, relevant one-to-one interactions — as well as innovative ways of finding and reaching new audiences. Modern marketing also has to factor in B2B2C dealer and distributor relationships, which are changing along with the digital and social environment.

Our comprehensive engagement ecosystem bring together data, analytics and insights, technology, and traditional and digital engagement for 360° consumer views and coordinated interactions across channels, including distribution channels. Incorporating social media strategies and curation, we help companies win consumers as brand advocates.

Our global experience with the world’s premier brands in categories that include beverages, OTC health, beauty, wines & spirits, automotive and more makes us uniquely positioned to bring strategic, marketing-focused capabilities to data-driven technology solutions.

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