KBMG operated as a knowledge-based marketing solutions company to help businesses use their data to improve marketing performance.

Previously, KBMG collected, connected and enriched data to transform it into a strategic marketing asset. KBMG provided sophisticated analytics and insights that informed marketing messages and content. KBMG worked with marketers to integrate, manage, analyze and optimize their data to engage more effectively with their customers and prospects.

Privacy Statement

The KBMG website does not collect personal data of visitors and does not download cookies. Additionally, KBMG no longer maintains the former iBehavior database used to perform the above activities and no longer sells personal information. However, should you wish to, you can request to opt-out, delete or receive a copy of your personal information that is processed in the former iBehavior database using the forms below.

If you choose to do that, your contact information will pass (only what you choose to enter into the forms below) to our affiliate, who manages the former iBehavior database and will handle your request. Our affiliate will use that information only to execute your request and retain it solely for the purpose of maintaining a record of completion of your request.

KBMG will not retain any of your contact information.
Exercising Access, Opt-out, Data Portability and Deletion Rights

To exercise the rights described above please submit your request to us by either:

If you have any other queries please contact us at privacy@kbmg.com.