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    AmeriLINK® Data Sourcing

    KBM Group’s AmeriLINK® database is the most comprehensive, multi-sourced, demographically selectable consumer file available, with 240 million U.S. consumers by ethnicity, language spoken and religion.

    More than mere numbers, though, AmeriLINK offers the versatility to deliver precisely targeted marketing solutions. With over 300 lifestyle and life stage characteristics, purchase transaction information, interests and preference indicators, AmeriLINK gives you hundreds of select options from purchase transactions to lifestyle interests to ailments to occupation.

    As an original source compiler, KBM Group has built the AmeriLINK database over more than 30 years by collecting data from primary sources, including public records, purchase transactions, U.S. Census data and consumer surveys. We can vouch for the quality of our data products:

    • Reliable: Addresses are standardized, 100% ZIP + 4® coded, and processed through multiple United States Postal Service® routines for superior deliverability.
    • Authoritative: Records are date-verified and continuously updated – and we automatically suppress deceased names as well as names on DMA Preference files and state and federal Do-Not-Call lists.
    • Stable: In more than 30 years of heavy use by marketers from virtually every industry and category, AmeriLINK data has proven its value as an accurate, reliable source of success.
    • Flexible: AmeriLINK data is compiled at the individual level but householded together from common addresses to provide individual, household or address-level targeting.

    To give experienced list buyers and brokers greater flexibility and convenience in handling queries and counts, KBM Group also offers a flexible, powerful online tool for direct access to the AmeriLINK file.

    Unmatched in depth and breadth, our data options include:

    Demographic Data

    Geography, age, family makeup, homeownership, occupation: Reliable demographic data is the foundation of countless marketing efforts. KBM Group brings you the most current, accurate demographic data available. Learn More>

    Lifestyle/Specialty Data

    From spare-time interests to health concerns to the analytical capabilities of the GENERATIONSSM Clustering System, our lifestyle and specialty databases offer uniquely marketable insights into consumer spending.  Learn More>

    Hotline Data

    If you’re targeting new move-ins, new homeowners, or shopaholics with newly increased spending power, our timely Hotline data connect you with the actively spending prospects you seek.  Learn More>

    Attitudinal Data

    When you understand how your prospects and customers view the world, you can make your communication more relevant and strengthen your customer relationships. Includes the unique Digital NeighborhoodsSM database.  Learn More>

    Response Data

    Our NationsBest® file is the most comprehensive suite of highly targeted niche segments of the U.S. population, with interests and attributes sourced directly to consumer responses.  Learn More>

    Get Counts

    Perform your own list counts and order requests with the KOSMOSTM List Delivery System, our fast and flexible Web-based list counts and ordering system. It makes it easy to explore all the different selectable attributes in our AmeriLINK® national consumer database. KOSMOS brings the best of list delivery features to a single interface: easy to set up, simple to customize and a revelation to use.  Learn More>

    Datacard Search and Listings

    Find the lists that will bring success to your marketing challenges with our online search tool. It lets you review datacards with more complete information about list sourcing, selects and other options.  Learn More>

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