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    KBM Group Acquires Predictys

    Strategic Move Extends Ability to Engage with Global Consumers

    Richardson, Texas, May 29, 2012 – KBM Group, the global leader in data-driven, insight-based customer engagement, has agreed to acquire Predictys, a marketing company specializing in digital data and campaign technology. Predictys’ cooperative database includes information from 140 million opted-in consumers from among more than 25 co-op partners. The database powers Predictys’ automated campaign software serving agencies and clients, including Snapfish, Galeries Lafayette and Swiss Life.

    Based in France, Predictys’ data resources are quickly growing because of an influx of digital information from other countries. As a result, Predictys will not only strengthen KBM Group’s value to clients in France; the acquisition also strategically fuels KBM Group’s growth throughout Europe, the U.S. and Latin America. Financial terms of the deal are not being disclosed.

    The Predictys acquisition supports KBM Group’s global repository of data assets vital to marketing in a digital consumer marketplace. Expert in analyzing data to extract customer intelligence and apply it to customer engagement, KBM Group supports clients with data, data management, and a range of analytics tools and marketing solutions. Working closely with its parent company, Wunderman, the world’s largest direct and digital marketing network, KBM Group acts as the data engine helping to connect “always-on” customers with global brands. On a broader agency network level, the value of data and customer intelligence extends as well to WPP, the global advertising and marketing services group, of which they are a part.

    With vast amounts of data being generated by consumers online, socially and via mobile devices, it is imperative for companies to knowledgeably and strategically leverage “big data” to construct a well-rounded, selective picture of their prospective customer universe. Actionable insights based on digital data allow brands to reach always-on consumers with appropriate, resonant strategy, creative and media. Insightful customer intelligence based on quality data and analytics ensures more relevant and more successful customer engagement that is mutually beneficial to both consumers and marketers.

    Gary S. Laben, CEO of KBM Group, says, “The oceans of data generated by always-connected consumers of all ages present both a challenge and an opportunity for global marketers. As companies accelerate their marketing around the world, they need to be able to find and reach consumers on their personal devices efficiently and with informed strategies based on the best possible representations of who their most receptive and profitable customers might be. By adding Predictys’ data resources to our own, we can better offer our global clients a way to harness data to forge customer engagements that are successful and meaningful. Marketing that is customer intelligent delights consumers and so enables companies to stay competitive.”

    Founded in 2007 in Grenoble, the hub of France’s high-technology region, Predictys’ database powers its digital automated marketing services for customer acquisition via proprietary automated systems for managing and optimizing email marketing campaigns. The company’s scalable email campaign technology, offered directly to clients or to e-marketing agencies, provides additional opportunities for KBM Group to build its marketing offerings.

    About KBM Group

    KBM Group transforms marketing efforts into mutually beneficial customer conversations through data-driven insights. Based on a strategic approach to optimize business outcomes, KBM Group’s world-class marketing solutions integrate offline and online marketing channels and allow companies to achieve high-performance B2B and B2C customer engagement and marketing ROI from a spectrum of services including consulting, data integration and database management, analytics, digital services, marketing management and outsourcing, creative services, and response services. The company has 35 offices in 21 countries serving global, enterprise and B2B2C-focused companies. KBM Group’s parent company, Wunderman, is part of the Young & Rubicam Group and a member of WPP (NASDAQ: WPPGY). www.kbmg.com.

    About Predictys
    Predictys develops high-performance software solutions for managing and optimizing email marketing campaigns, and sources and manages the digital data that powers its full-service marketing offerings. The company has created a cooperative database of more than 140 million consumers, which enables maximum monetization of these permission-based digital assets by the more than 25 partners who entrust their customer information to Predictys. Over the last several years, Predictys’ client base has grown to more than 1,000 companies in Europe, North America, and Latin America. www.predictys.com.

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