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    As a marketer, you’ve always had to know where you’re going and how to get there. But in today’s accelerated, hypercompetitive marketplace, you also must be able to evaluate your progress in real time – and make corrections – to stay ahead of your competitors.

    At KBM Group, we give you all those capabilities and more.

    Our solutions begin with a fact-based understanding of your markets and customers. Because your business is unique in its marketing approach, our teams don’t make a move until they have a solid command of your company’s goals, customers, go-to-market strategy and data assets. We work with you to ensure your goals and strategies are aligned to the outcomes you’ve targeted for your business.

    Once we shift into execution mode, we continually evaluate progress against key performance metrics, identifying opportunities to make improvements that will deliver measurable gains. Our consultative approach offers many ways for your company to engage with KBM Group.

    Data Assessment

    KBM Group can ensure that you have the foundation you need for successful data-driven marketing, with comprehensive data assessment services and a proven methodology to implement an effective data infrastructure. Learn More>

    Performance Improvement

    In an era when marketers must do more with less, KBM Group can help you demonstrably lift your marketing ROI by offering best-practice solutions and integrating traditional and digital data assets to continuously monitor and improve results across all channels. Learn More>

    Data-Centric Strategy

    From the fundamental decision to become a data-driven marketer to the subtleties of effective one-to-one marketing campaigns, KBM Group helps you put your data assets to work to gain competitive advantages and continuously improve marketing performance. Learn More>

    Analytic Insights

    Our insights and optimization offering ranges from basic regression modeling to the most advanced, web-based environment with which users can easily monitor key business performance metrics through highly intuitive dashboards and reports. Learn More>

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    After acquiring agency services provider, Marketing Direct, KBM Group launched its new KBM Group: Health Services division to help companies across the healthcare ecosystem improve their competitive position, accelerate growth and sustain profitability.

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    KBM Group is an industry leader in providing data-driven marketing solutions that help our clients acquire, retain and maximize profitable relationships with their customers. Explore several of the ways we bring value to our clients:

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    > Consumer Engagement
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    Data Quality Initiative Delivers 17:1 ROI
    A KBMG Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) client had a very successful direct mail program that was delivering active relationships from 10% of the prospects contacted.
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