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    Marketing Outsourcing

    KBM Group’s marketing outsourcing services reduce your costs and overhead while improving efficiency and time to market – all while delivering superior marketing results.

    The secret? We put full-service marketing operations teams around the world to work for you – whenever and wherever you need them.

    Our highly trained people, advanced capabilities and global service delivery, backed by extensive experience across multiple industries, deliver superior results in everything from planning to execution to analysis. And our centralized, regional offices and standardized procedures mean your marketing programs benefit from consistent practices around the world as well as significant economies of scale.

    As a strategic partner, we work with your marketing team to develop and execute new solutions to the marketing challenges you face – all designed to deliver quantifiable results like these:

    Quantifiable Results

    Outsourcing Services

    Through our Marketing Service Centers, KBM Group becomes an extension of your marketing organization. Our full range of services provides global clients the analytical tools and executional expertise to take their marketing efforts from adequate to great.
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    Marketing Service Centers

    KBM Group gives your organization global reach through our Marketing Service Centers. Staffed and managed by our employees, these strategically located offices fulfill your day-to-day marketing execution and analysis needs.
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    After acquiring agency services provider, Marketing Direct, KBM Group launched its new KBM Group: Health Services division to help companies across the healthcare ecosystem improve their competitive position, accelerate growth and sustain profitability.

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    KBM Group is an industry leader in providing data-driven marketing solutions that help our clients acquire, retain and maximize profitable relationships with their customers. Explore several of the ways we bring value to our clients:

    > Data Quality Management
    > Consumer Engagement
    > IMPACT® Database Solution

    White Papers

    Success Stories

    Email Engagement Strategy Delivers Improved Across-the-Board Metrics
    KBM Group’s client, a tire manufacturer, wanted to reach and successfully engage target consumers and further leverage the success of their online efforts. READ NOW >

    Data Quality Initiative Delivers 17:1 ROI
    A KBMG Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) client had a very successful direct mail program that was delivering active relationships from 10% of the prospects contacted.
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