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    KBM Group is the global leader in knowledge-based marketing solutions with 35 offices in 21 countries. We help you achieve remarkably better returns on your marketing investment by enabling you to market in a more relevant and measurable way. Our clients are Fortune 1000 companies around the world, many in the healthcare, hi-tech, telecommunications and B2B2C industries. We believe that the insights revealed in your data drive successful strategy and continuous performance improvement.

    Our matchless experience and competencies across industries and functions allow us to deliver like no one else. We help you exploit the hidden value in your data and unlock its strategic potential.

    We are the expert in all things data.

    Data is an expense. Knowledge is an asset. But do you know how to make your data work most effectively? That’s where we come in. No one understands data like we do. We organize it. Manage it. Analyze it. Convert it into knowledge you can act on. The result? Improved marketing that is direct, personal, relevant and timely. And increased profits.

    How well do you know your customers and prospects?

    To have a meaningful conversation, you must really understand them. We are helping businesses – large and small – all over the world use their data to turn prospects into customers and customers into advocates.

    But my company is different, you say?

    We agree. That’s why we don’t make a move until we first understand your business. Then we customize the right solution for you. To solve your problems. To achieve your goals. To fit your strategy. It may be building a global marketing database, turning around a retention problem or helping you execute a local marketing program. Whatever your challenges, we can really help you step into the spotlight and shine.

    We’re easy to work with, too.

    Marketing is hard work, but it’s a lot easier when someone you trust is walking you through the complicated stuff. When you’re a client of ours, you’re family. We are here when you need us, and we get it done.

    Talk to us. If you need help with business strategy, data integration, analytics, reporting and measurement, channel marketing, digital services, program management or outsourcing, we’d love to be your partner.

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    After acquiring agency services provider, Marketing Direct, KBM Group launched its new KBM Group: Health Services division to help companies across the healthcare ecosystem improve their competitive position, accelerate growth and sustain profitability.

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    KBM Group is an industry leader in providing data-driven marketing solutions that help our clients acquire, retain and maximize profitable relationships with their customers. Explore several of the ways we bring value to our clients:

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