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    Gary S. Laben

    Gary S. Laben is chief executive officer of KBM Group. As CEO, Gary led the company through the successful integration of multiple acquisitions as well as directed its recent global expansion. He has long been involved in the growth of successful direct marketing companies. Gary is widely recognized not only for his extensive information management and marketing experience but also for his expertise in building unified management teams following acquisitions and mergers.

    Today, his vision of enabling clients to turn customer data into a strategic asset is becoming reality on a global scale. While transforming KBM Group from a marketing services provider to a global customer engagement agency, Gary continues to expand the company’s footprint and services through organic growth and acquisition.

    Gary is a 20+-year veteran of the information marketing industry. Prior to joining KnowledgeBase Marketing in 2000, he served as vice president of marketing and business development at Experian. During his tenure at Experian, he was actively involved in growing the company through acquisitions and marketing endeavors that transformed the company into one of the largest U.S. marketing services providers.

    In 2012, Gary received the Edward N. Mayer, Jr. Education Leadership Award from the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation. In 2009, he was named Direct Marketer of the Year by the Taylor Institute for Direct Marketing.

    Gary is actively involved in the direct marketing community serving on the DMEF chairman’s advisory council, and on the board of directors of Taylor Institute and of several data management/advertising companies. He is former chair of the DMEF, and he also served on the DMA’s board of directors and Ethics Policy committee.

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    After acquiring agency services provider, Marketing Direct, KBM Group launched its new KBM Group: Health Services division to help companies across the healthcare ecosystem improve their competitive position, accelerate growth and sustain profitability.

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    KBM Group is an industry leader in providing data-driven marketing solutions that help our clients acquire, retain and maximize profitable relationships with their customers. Explore several of the ways we bring value to our clients:

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