This policy covers the use, sharing and retention of data collected on Wunderman Data Products corporate websites, and

This privacy policy applies solely to these websites and does not apply to data collected, shared or otherwise used in connection with products and services provided by Wunderman Data Products.

Third parties and third party cookies appearing on these sites are not directly covered by this policy. For more information on the role of 3rd parties please refer to our section 3rd Parties on Our Sites.

Transactional Data

In the course of viewing our websites your browser will send certain standardized pieces of data to us to help our web servers better fulfill your request. This information may include:

  • Your IP address and information associated with your IP address, such as: your ISP, your connection type and limited geographical information
  • Your operating system and browser type, which may include information about the type of platform (e.g. smartphone) by which you are accessing the site
  • Your preferred language
  • Your browser’s ability to process certain content types, for example your browser’s ability to process Flash content
  • Cookies (see Our Cookies below for more information)

We use transactional data in real time to process your request and respond with content to your web browser. Additionally, we will store this data, which is commonly referred to as Web Server Log Data. This stored data may be used for various purposes including: security, debugging, visitor intelligence and traffic pattern analysis. We do not link this data to an identity, and we store it only for the period of time generally required by the described uses which will not extend past 24 months.

PII Data Collection

Our sites may contain web forms that will ask for your personal information. Examples of this type of collection are in the Contact Us area or in the Careers area. This information is voluntarily submitted and used only for the purposes for which it was collected. Please note that information collected in the course of an employment inquiry may be shared with our parent company and/or service providers working on their behalf. This data will be stored and used as necessary to complete the employment application process. We will not use or share personal information submitted to us for any purpose inconsistent with that for which it was provided.

Our Cookies

A cookie is a small piece of text in the form of a name and value (e.g. zip=30004 or user_id=123456789). Web servers can request that a web browser to store and resend cookies with subsequent requests to the same server. This allows the server to have a “memory” of where the browser has been before or “remember” information that the user has previously given the server so the server does not need to re-ask for information on each page.

Cookies are often categorized as 1st party or 3rd party. 1st party cookies are cookies that are set from, or sent to, the domain that the user currently sees in their browser’s URL bar. For our sites 1st party cookies come from or respectively. 3rd party cookies are cookies that are set from, or sent to, a domain other than the domain seen in the browser’s URL bar. 3rd party cookies are possible because the content within a web page is often provided by many providers and not simply the single entity seen in the URL bar. Each party providing content (even content the size of a single pixel which may not itself be visible) can have the opportunity to set, or receive a previously set, cookie.

We make use of, and directly receive data from, both 1st and 3rd party cookies. In addition to cookies we receive, or have access to, there may be cookies received by 3rd parties over whom we have no direct control.   Please see 3rd Parties on Our Sites section for more detailed information.

We use cookies on our sites both to ensure the proper operation of the web servers, including debugging and security, as well as for analytics and site usage analysis. These cookies are not used for advertising purposes, and we do not store or reference personal information in these cookies.

Social Media

Our sites contain links to social media but they do not contain content served directly by social media providers. This means that social media providers do not receive their cookies from our sites. Your personal information will not be transferred to social media providers by visiting our sites unless you initiate an action to specifically engage with a provider such as clicking on a link to leave our sites and go to a social media provider.

3rd Parties On This Site

In addition to data we directly collect, and data collected on our behalf through 3rd party service providers operating on our behalf, our sites may contain additional 3rd party content from companies over whom we do not have direct control. While these companies won’t have the same ability to collect new data through user forms as described in our PII Data Collection section above, they will collect data similar to what we describe in the Transactional Data section above and may have their own cookies. These parties may change from time to time, but currently include:

  • Google
  • Scorecard Research
  • ShareThis

If you have previously provided another party personal information and that party appears on our sites such party may recognize you through its cookies in this context. Please see these parties’ individual privacy policies as they relate to their 3rd party data collection practices.


Wunderman Data Products Security Program was developed using industry standard security framework that encompasses physical, administrative and technical measures designed to protect consumer and other sensitive client information. Wunderman Data Products’ hosting environments and security measures are regularly reviewed and assessed by independent third parties. However, we do not guaranty that your information will be completely secure despite our reasonable efforts, and you assume this risk by using this site.

Contact Us

If you have questions, comments or concerns about this this policy you can reach us by email at or mail at:

Wunderman Data Products
2050 N. Greenville Avenue
Richardson, TX 75082-4322

Changes to this Policy

Wunderman Data Products reserves the right to alter this policy from time to time or as our business changes. We encourage you to periodically check back and review this statement.

Effective date: August 15, 2018

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